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Introduction and installation process of sports wood floor panel
    The panel of sports wood floor is an important part of sports wood floor, and it is also the symbol of grade division of sports wood floor. The panel of sports basketball wood floor is mainly made of maple, maple birch and oak, which is also the main material for sports floor in the industry. Sports wood floor generally uses northeast maple, and is divided into two levels of northeast maple. Changsen solid wood sports floor is an old brand of sports solid wood sports floor industry. Changsen solid wood sports floor provides users with overall solid wood sports floor system solutions, products, installation, after-sales, has successfully paved thousands of basketball venues, theater stage for many years. Solid wood moving floor products have passed the industry DIN quality standard test. Changsen sports has long produced and installed wooden floors for gymnasiums, basketball stadiums, badminton venues, volleyball halls, table tennis rooms, yoga and dance gymnasiums, training halls, sports centers and theatres.
        The main installation process of sports wooden floor: self leveling, moisture-proof layer, anti-corrosion treatment of wooden keel and installation of damping pad
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